Perfect for hot days

Why to make it at home:

- it is refreshing, full of flavour, - packed with vitamins & minerals, - it's super simple & perfect for parties - contains only 4 ingredients - easy to scale up/down!

Ingredient list:

- fresh or frozen strawberries or strawberry jam - lime - fresh mint - diet lemonade, Sprite or 7Up


-- a jug or a glass - a muddler or wooden spoon

Step 1

Crush the strawberries with mint  using a muddler or the narrow end of a wooden spoon.

Step 2

Add lime juice

Step 3

Add diet lemonade (or 7Up/Sprite or similar)

Step 4

Serve with sliced lime and fresh mint leaves

Serving Tips

Pour the mocktail into a glass filled with 1/3 ice. High ball glasses or tumblers are best for this type of cocktail

Expert tips

Add whole mint leaves and low-calorie lemonade just before serving for a fresher looking cocktail!